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Bathroom Solutions

Designed to impress, our bathroom drains are each custom made to match your choice of tile, fall, outlet and layout. We offer the Advantage Series range of drains for the bathroom, that feature wide 50mm+ waterproofing flanges to meet or exceed Australian Standards for flashing on horizontal surfaces. We can configure your drains to suit your unique application and décor, and the thickness of your floor tile or stone.

Suitable for any application and configuration, the drains can be positioned to suit you incorporating corners, fall, glass screens and doors, shower drains and baths.


We have bathroom solutions available in the following styles:

  • The Advantage Grate 5, 7, 9 Bar
  • The Eco Punched Slot
  • The Advantage Tile Insert Tray
  • Vinyl

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Our most popular grate design, the 7 Bar Grate, offers clean slim lines and minimalistic impact, allowing only the removable grate to be visible, allowing for an efficient and discreet drainage system.

The Tile Insert Tray allows for your choice of tile or stone to create a discreet, virtually invisible drainage solution.  The tile tray allows water to flow either side of the tray into the drain below and can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning. The Tile Insert Tray is available in all the same formats as the Advantage Series: Wall to Wall, Wall to Tile and Tile Surround.

In addition, our Vinyl wrap drains are designed specifically for wheelchair access wet areas, manufactured to any length or as a corner application.   Used for residential and commercial bathrooms, they are easily installed and cleaned with a removable stainless steel 7 bar grate. Well suited to schools, hospitals, residential bathrooms and commercial kitchens, the vinyl is a versatile solution.


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    Advantage Tile to Tile  

    Advantage Wall to Wall 

    Advantage Wall to Tile 

    Tile Surround  

    Wall to Tile Surround 

    Tile to Tile with Glass Inserts

    Advantage Absolute 

    Floor Wastes

    Premium Vinyl to Vinyl

    Premium Vinyl Wall to Wall

    Premium Vinyl Surround

    Shower screens and doors

    We can incorporate glass shower screens and doors into our drains to give you the freedom to choose your design.  Glass can be centred or offset in the drain, at your desired length, with hidden wall flashing and water stop edges available.

    Positioned anywhere in your bathroom, we can create your bespoke drain to suit your tile and glass choice and design. Both the Absolute and the Wall to Tile Drains allow for glazing to be incorporated, with or without fall. Hidden wall flashing and floor water stops compliment the range so you can affix your glazing with minimal obstruction.

    The Absolute is the All-in-one answer to allow a shower to be installed on a level floor. Using a build up of screed or Graded Construction Board, the rear of the shower area is raised, so that water runs forward into the Absolute drain. Incorporating our various flashings; L, Absolute Floor, Ceiling Glass, Hidden F and Glass inserts, your design is limited almost only by your imagination.

    Where the height of the floor can be dropped to create fall, a Wall to Tile drain can be used. A three piece flashing that not only creates a water stop point between the graded and flat sections of the floor containing a glass channel for your shower screen.


    Advantage Wall to Tile  –  Advantage Absolute

    Advantage Tile to Tile with Internal Glass 


    Standard Features

    • Easy to install and waterproof
    • Manufactured to suit the specific tile thickness on floor and walls
    • Drain length is manufactured to your specification
    • Built in Fall
    • Standard 50mm male stainless-steel dropper located 75mm to centre from end of drain
    • Manufactured from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel
    • Electro-polished to prevent tea-staining

    Custom Features

    • Outlet location can be located to suit your requirements
    • Flashings can be extended or custom designed
    • Multiple outlets in desired locations

    Premium Vinyl to Vinyl Corner