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Graded Construction Board


Creative Drain Solutions Graded and Flat Construction Boards provide a quick cost-effective solution to conventional screed bases when creating fall on a balcony or bathroom floor.

This combination provides to the system, a high mechanical resistance, waterproofing and bond to tile adhesive.

Manufactured from extruded polystyrene, these innovative construction boards offer high waterproofing and insulation properties.  It is covered on both sides with a fibre mesh (to provide mechanical resistance) and embedded in a polymerised cement mortar.

Download our Graded Construction Board tech sheet. 

Graded Board can be stacked on top of flat 10 or 20mm sheets to achieve the desired height.


  • High Compressive strength (withstand 30tm²)
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to cut with a knife
  • Sound insulation (20 decibels)
  • Environmentally friendly, CFC and HCFC free
  • Even graded fall to lineal drains
  • Light-weighted approx. 3kg per M²
  • Provides Thermal Heat insulation
  • Heat deflection upwards with flat boards, suitable for use with hydronic heating systems
  • Capillary water absorption rate – Nil
  • Extremely strong
  • Will reduce the weight of screed floor areas by as much as 85%
  • 1m² x 20mm Thick Sheet weights 3kg.
  • Sand and Cement screed 20mm weighs approx. 20kg.

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