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At Creative Drain Solutions, we have many different drains designs for all your requirements.

Most drains are available for you to chose the following styles to suit your application, decor and taste. 

7 Bar Grate


The most traditional of the drain designs, the 7 Bar Grate is custom fabricated from 6mm Stainless Steel bars. The bars are close enough together so high heels don’t get stuck and prams and wheelchairs can easily roll over the surface

All grates are supplied with 

Available in a range of finishes including:

  • Passivated and Electropolished
  • Powder coat in your choice of color or
  • Antislip Blasting

Tile Insert


The Tile Insert Linear Drain has been designed for people who are seeking a discrete, virtually invisible, drainage solution.

Instead of the stainless steel grate used in most linear drains we manufacture, the Tile Insert linear drain utilises a stainless steel tray on which the tiles or stone of your choice are mounted. This tile/stone tray covers the drain channel. The water from the shower flows into the drain channel via a small (3 – 4mm) gap between the tiles/stone mounted on the drain tray and the tiles/stone on the floor or walls, depending on the style of drain installed.

Tile Insert Drains can be used with the tile or stone of your choice. The tray, tile stops, and flashings are custom made to suit the thickness of your tiles or stone.

All Tile Insert linear drains are delivered with a suction cup to aid the removal of the tile insert tray.

Please Note: The suction cup should only be used to lift the tile insert tray at one end, allowing the tray to be grasped by hand and carefully lifted out. The suction cup is unlikely to work on porous stone or tile surfaces such as bluestone or marble.

Slot Drain


Designed for when you don't want to see a drain! The Slot Drain style is used in Zero Threshold drains (shown here), in Versatile outdoor drains or as a cover over preformed concrete drains where paving is used.  Fabricated to suit your Tile, Stone or Pavers, the Slot Drain offers integrated Tile Inspection Openings to easy access to outlets for cleaning.

Punched Slot


The Punched Slot grate is a budget-driven solution designed for outdoor applications, where only the grate is visible between the surrounding pavers, tiles or stone. Interchangeable with our 5, 7 and 9 bar grates, the punched slot provides a budget drain with all the flashing and waterproofing features Creative Drain Solutions are renowned for. Manufactured in Australia entirely from 316 marine grade Stainless Steel, the Punched Slot is a perfect drainage solution for balcony’s, courtyards and alfresco dining areas. The grate and channel are pedestrian traffic rated.

After manufacturing, the channels are put through a passivated chemical process that cleans and treats all welds and the grates are electro-polished to prevent tea-staining. Alternately, all our drains can be powder coated in your selected colour to match your décor.

Premium Vinyl


Our Vinyl wrap drains are designed specifically for wheelchair access wet areas, manufactured to any length or as a corner application.

Used for residential and commercial bathrooms, they are easily installed and cleaned with a removable stainless steel 7 bar grate. Well suited to schools, hospitals, age care and residential bathrooms and commercial kitchens, the vinyl is a versatile solution.

Available types are:

Vinyl to Vinyl

Vinyl Wall to Wall 

Vinyl Surround

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