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With very few exceptions, all the lineal drains that Creative Drain Solutions produce are electro-polished after manufacture to create an attractive, high quality, chromium-like appearance. In technical terms, electro-polishing is an electrolytic process used to passivate the iron content on the surface area of stainless steel. This process cleans all weld marks and manufacturing blemishes on the stainless steel, creating a Chromium-Oxidised surface which is free from the iron contaminants which often cause staining to appear on stainless steels used in harsh or corrosive environments; e.g. around swimming pools, on balconies and yes, even bathrooms.

After Manufacturing our products are Pickled in a Nitric Solution for passivation, then cleaned and Electropolished in a 65% Sulphuric 35% Phosphoric Solution heated to 65 Degrees Celsius. A 3000 volt DC Current passes across the surface of the material for around 20 minutes then rinsed and pressure cleaned prior to timber crate packing for transportation.

This ensures total passivation of all welds, giving the appearance of having been chromed.

Our sister company, CD's Electropolishing, is proud to polish all of our drains.

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