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Wall to Tile Surround Install Guide


The Wall to Tile Surround runs along a wall and has tiles on the other three sides.
This installation guide demonstrates how to install with a step up for creating fall to the drain. Please download the full PDF for your convenience.

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Plan where your drain and retaining angle is going to be placed. If necessary, set up a smart waste system (or similar) for waste


Use a proprietary sealant along the length of the retaining angle at the end of the planned shower base to seal under the angle.


Fix down the retaining angle. You will have to drill through the retaining angle and floor before fixing down with stainless steel clouts or screws.


Precoat the shower base with a proprietary waterproofing compound. Ensure this goes across the floor, and returns up the retaining angle and walls.


Place the drain onto the floor. Cut a hole through the waste system and ensure the drain fits into place.


Before fixing the drain into position, ensure there is sufficient room to allow for 16mm of fall per metre from the retaining angle to the drain.


Prepare the drain to be fixed to the wall. The drain flange will need to be drilled through to allow it to be fixed to the wall later. Run proprietary sealant across the wall where the drain flange presses against the wall.


Place the drain into position and firmly press against the sealant to create a seal behind the drain. Fix the drain into position through the holes drilled into the flange earlier with stainless steel clouts or screws.


Using a floor screed compound, pack underneath the drain, and screed a fall from the top of the retaining angle to the underneath side of the drain flange.


Allow for the screed compound to dry, then apply two coats of waterproofing to waterproofing standards AS-3740-2010. Ensure the drain weep holes are not covered by waterproofing.


Allow for waterproofing to dry, and your bathroom is now ready for tiling.


When tiling, ensure the top of the tile sits approximately 1mm above the lip of the drain. After a sealant bead is applied in the gap between the tile and the drain, water can easily flow into the drain.

The finish