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Creative Drain Solution drains have many built-in features making them the very best drainage product you can buy. Available in a wide range of solutions for all your drainage needs, our drains are easy to install, stand the test of time, come in a wide range of designs and can be tailored to your specific needs. 

  • Custom Tile Retention Lip
  • Custom Outlet
  • Built-in Fall
  • Punched Slot Weep Holes
  • Wide Waterproofing Flanges
  • Fixing Points
  • Custom Blankouts
  • Eliminates Water build-up
  • Easy Plumbing
  • Shallow Design Profile

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100% Australian Made

All of our products are fabricated and electropolished in our workshops in Ferntree Gully Victoria.  Supporting local jobs and the local economy, we pride  ourselves on being a wholly family owned, Australian company. 



316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

ALL Creative Drain Solutions products are manufactured from high quality, 316 (marine) grade stainless steel.

Electropolished 316 (marine) grade stainless steel resists corrosion and staining in harsh marine environments, around swimming pools where salts and chlorines are used and in bathrooms, where shampoos and cleaning agents are used.

When manufacturing linear drains which provide durability, high-quality finishes and style, there is no better product than 316 (marine) grade stainless steel.








Wide Waterproofing Flanges

Where waterproofing is a necessity, Creative Drain Solutions manufacture stainless steel lineal drains with wide built-in flashings which exceed Australian standards when waterproofing on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Our wide waterproofing flashings are designed to make the drain easy to install and waterproof. The surface of our drain flashings is mechanically abraded during manufacture to improve the waterproofing membranes adherence to the stainless steel.

When it comes to waterproofing, we comply with all relevant Australian Standards and; we take every precaution to incorporate features in our drain to enable you to easily waterproof our products during installation.

We recommend you only purchase lineal drains which meet Australian Standards and provide the minimum horizontal flashing of 50mm.

Eliminates Water Build Up

At Creative Drain Solutions, we manufacture our drains with weep holes in the junction where the tiles meet the drain lip. This design feature allows any water which seeps under the tiles or grout and makes its way down to the waterproofing membrane, to find its way into the drain via these weep holes.

This feature prevents a static build-up of water under the tiles which can damage your floor and building structure. Any water build-up can then freely be eliminated from under the tile, into the drain.





Easy Plumbing

Our indoor linear drains are manufactured with a standard 50mm threaded male waste outlet, allowing direct connection to a 50mm “S” or “P” trap. Alternatively, our lineal drains can be manufactured with a stainless-steel dropper (variety of sizes), which can be adapted to fit a puddle flange, smart waste or similar plumbing fitting.

Our outdoor linear drains can be manufactured to suit a variety of plumbing connections. E.g. 75mm stainless steel dropper adhered to a 90mm stormwater adaptor, allowing for easy connection to your stormwater system. If necessary, we can manufacture a custom outlet to suit your specific requirements.


Built-In Fall

At Creative Drain Solutions, we manufacture our drains with built-in fall. The built-in fall can be to either end i.e. left or right (when viewed from outside the shower looking in) and ensures the water exits the drain and does not sit and stagnate in the drain. The outlet is installed 75mm to the centre, from the end and is normally a 50mm screwed outlet for connection to a “P” or “S” trap.

If our standard built-in fall doesn't suit your needs, we will manufacture a non-standard drain tray and locate the waste outlet in the centre, or other specified location.  The manufacture of non-standard drain trays will incur additional costs. Built-in fall in the lineal drain also makes installation easier. 





Shallow Design Profile

The shallow design, with built-in fall, can minimise or eliminate the need to remove the existing timber flooring or check-out the floor joists. When the drain is placed on the floor, assuming 19mm of floorboard and 6mm of tile underlay, the 25mm thickness of the floor is enough to install the drain without the need to cut or check-out the floor joists or posi-struts.


Easy to Install

At Creative Drain Solutions, we specifically design our drains to be easy to install and waterproof. To make things easier for you, we offer:

  • Customised lengths – There is no need for you to design your requirements around the drain, because we design and manufacture the drain for your application.
  • A broad range of styles – For both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Shallow Depth Drain Tray – Our Drain Trays are shallow, so that minimal work is required to fit the drain into an existing floor, or minimal construction changes, if any, are required when building a new residence.
  • Wide flashings, which meet or exceed Australian Standards, especially when waterproofing onto horizontal surfaces.
  • Built-In Fall – Our drains are manufactured with a built-in fall, either to the left or right, depending on your plumbing location. Alternatively, we can build drains with the outlet in a location specified by you; e.g. centre. The built-in fall reduces installation and set-up time.
  • Tile lips and flashings are specifically manufactured to suit the thickness of your wall and floor tiles, thus reducing installation and set-up time

Each of these features has their own benefit, but together they ensure our lineal drains are the easiest drains to install and waterproof.

Image 1: An Advantage style lineal stainless-steel drain about to be installed in a prepared rebate. Image 2: Easy waterproofing.

Quality Assured

Approved to Australian Standards

At Creative Drain Solutions, we place great emphasis on compliance with all relevant Australian Standards. As a result, our lineal drains meet or exceed the following standards:

  • Vicpac Engineering Tests - Compliant.
  • Slip Resistance rating up to R12 on request.

WaterMark Certification

We have a wide range of drains certified under the Watermark Certification Scheme that ensures products are fit for purpose and are properly authorised for use in plumbing and drainage. 

  • WaterMarked to ATS Standard 2500.040 WMKT 22071.
  • WaterMarked License Level 2.
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