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Custom Made

At Creative Drain Solutions, we understand the many variables which make a lineal drain unique. Hence, virtually every product we produce is custom made to suit your specific requirements, either indoor or outdoor. In addition to our drain products, we can custom design and make other stainless steel products such as wash planes, water fountain trays, showers and shower bases. Feel free to call us to discuss your custom project today.

The variables in lineal drain manufacture include:

  • Thickness of tile to be used on floors and walls
  • Location of waste outlet in drain tray
  • Custom-Height Drain Lip
  • Slotted grate or tile insert
  • Length of lineal drain
  • Fall to left or right end of the lineal drain, or other location in between
  • Location of lineal drain, front, side or centre of the shower, balcony or alfresco area.
  • Are glass inserts required in the shower drain tray?
  • Type of finish, brushed or polished
  • Location of the waste outlet in the lineal drain tray


Creative Drain Solutions custom make drains to suit your selected tiles. Our standard drains are made to fit a standard tile, we can also increase the drain lip to fit a thicker tile or paver.

The minimum drain lip we can fold is 12mm high, allowing for a 9mm thick tile, with waterproofing and tile adhesive below the tile. If your tile is thinner than this, you may simply pack under the tile to achieve the required height.

The maximum drain lip is 35mm high allowing for a 32mm thick tile or paver, with waterproofing and tile adhesive below the tile.

Email or call us on 03 9758 0588 to discuss your custom drain options.

Height Adjustable Curved Custom Grate

Custom  Stainless Steel Fabrication:

Depending on demand, we can fabricate custom 316 stainless steel items for specific architectural jobs. Feel free to contact us to see if we can work with your project.

Custom Puppy Tray

Custom Puppy Tray

Custom puppy tray

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Custom Shower Recess

Custom Air Vents


Custom cascade water feature boxed in with stone on site.